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Hospitals are similar to hotels in many ways. Both have comfortable but nondescript rooms, a television, a dvd player, a sanitized bathroom, and a dvd player. Both make me feel kinda at home but slightly uncomfortable, like when you visit your favorite uncle for a while, it's almost there, but not quite. You feel enough at ease to relax, but you would think twice about putting your feet up the tale.
The difference, obviously, are in the details. As bad as some hotel stays can be, in a hospital room the occupants are hardly ever comfortable for long. Sure, women have babies and people have phantom limbs removed, but it is always an uncomfortable experience.
When you are the one laying on the bed, everything is at a standstill, and you are unsure of the nicety of the people who come to see you; your family is supposed to be there smiling, and the nurses are doing their job. None of that is different from the eternal smirks of hotel employees.
However, no hotel clerk has ever cured my fiancee from pneumonia, so for that I pick the hospital. (Not to mention that the private hospital we stayed at had something that resembled room service. Sure, doctors and nurses and people came and went inside the room almost every hour, but I ate hearty meals three times a day, much better than I'd been feeding myself. They made brilliant milkshakes. Is it wrong to miss them?)

Now go to bed,

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