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Having technical issues today (which seems to be the theme for my life this week, lol)and the comic is not updating. I'll keep trying. If not, then I'll post it either tomorrow (marriage day!) or monday.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go practice tying the laces on my fancy shoes.


Hospitals are similar to hotels in many ways. Both have comfortable but nondescript rooms, a television, a dvd player, a sanitized bathroom, and a dvd player. Both make me feel kinda at home but slightly uncomfortable, like when you visit your favorite uncle for a while, it's almost there, but not quite. You feel enough at ease to relax, but you would think twice about putting your feet up the tale.
The difference, obviously, are in the details. As bad as some hotel stays can be, in a hospital room the occupants are hardly ever comfortable for long. Sure, women have babies and people have phantom limbs removed, but it is always an uncomfortable experience.
When you are the one laying on the bed, everything is at a standstill, and you are unsure of the nicety of the people who come to see you; your family is supposed to be there smiling, and the nurses are doing their job. None of that is different from the eternal smirks of hotel employees.
However, no hotel clerk has ever cured my fiancee from pneumonia, so for that I pick the hospital. (Not to mention that the private hospital we stayed at had something that resembled room service. Sure, doctors and nurses and people came and went inside the room almost every hour, but I ate hearty meals three times a day, much better than I'd been feeding myself. They made brilliant milkshakes. Is it wrong to miss them?)

Now go to bed,
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There's no comic for today, thursday. Liliana, my fiancee, has been suffering from a very persistent cough for the past month or so. We all thought it was due to the nervousness of the wedding, a phyisical reaction to the stress. So when she woke up today coughing it didn't seem odd, it was even normal. Except it only got worse as the day went on. We ended up paying the emergency room a visit and even then I though they'd just give her a shot and send her home, but that didn't happen, it was severe enough to have her admitted with a bronchial infection, and then later in the afternoon they said it was a severe pneumonia, and thus here we are now, me here and her spending at least the next 24 hours in the ICU. And it was just a cough.
She's been in great spirits, even though she'll probably still be in there by friday, her birthday, and even though she doesn't feel ICU bad, she didn't collapse or anything, she was fine and awake and talking and lively when she took her there. I'm still in a daze over how things quickly spiraled to that point.
The thing is, it's been quite a scare, and I obviously haven't had time to work on the comic or on anything else today. But I'll catch up. Soon.
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Hi. Sorry I've been away for so long. I've actually got a few things to say, about stuff that's happened to me:

As you all know, I've got a cat now. I've been keeping a mental record of the things he does, just so I can talk about them later. One thing he does do is wanting to be in the same room I am. He wakes me up at 8:30 in the morning just so I go with him to the kitchen and look at him eat his leftover food from the previous night. He gets mightily offended if I don't. He's odd and fidgety and terribly moody, and I get the feeling he believes I do get him most of the time, which is why he gets so frustrated when i don't. Here's a picture of the both of us. The one with a lot of hair is me, the one in grey is Tapete.

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Hello everyone, it's me, your fearless author, absent for too long. You know I'm alive because the strip's still appearing obviously. I'm really busy these days, and I still manage to make the strip every single day, and it's quite surprising.
Let's see, what else? The wedding is going great, Liliana is a great girl who is willing to put up with a big child/dreamer like myself, with not a lot to his name. (Which is a relief!) I want things to go right, and that's one of the reasons I'm busy, I'm being responsible and adult, quite a big change for me :)
Also, there won't be t-shirts, merch or anything similar for the time being, I'm without a distributor and it's not economically feasible for me to tackle something like that right now. But who knows, maybe someday. In the meantime, rain, sleet or snow, you'll see the strip right where it's always been. For a while there, I saw it a bit as a means to an end: riches, fame, and stardom (but mostly riches.) And that's no way to try and create art, the comic is what it is; a labor of my love for the medium, followed by many who love it, and something that might not lead to an empire, or even a full-time job, just a solid body of work I can be proud of.

As for the riches, does anyone know a good horse to bet on? ;)

now go to bed,
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Addicted to bad buble placement

It's the third (THIRD!) time this week that I've had to go back and correct the day's strip because a bubble is pointing in the wrong direction. When that happens once, I'm usually super careful the next time, except this time it happened again the following day, then, I was extra careful the next day and got it right, and then, I was still careful for the following strip, and despite my efforts, I did it again. It's odd because I check them a few times, and for the life of me, I just don't see it. In my head, it looks the way it's supposed to.
It's not until the morning when someone emails me, that I realize I'm an idiot who can't get his bubbles to point in the right direction. I want to apologize because I make a point of presenting the best product as possible, and I've been unsuccessful this week. (In my opinion, a wrongly placed bubble shatters the illusion of the narrative.) So, I'm sorry, I will not let it happen again, at least not as many times in one week.

The poll after the catastrophe

Hi, it's me. My attempt at a t-shirt presale didn't go all that well, and I had to pull the plug. However, I'm not one to give up, so here I am going at it again from the beginning. If you go here you'll find a poll with five designs. This time I'm only going to offer for sale the designs that people adore, otherwise it's not economically doable, and I'll be forced to return the money again.
So, check them out, vote for one, and if your favorite makes the cut, I'd appreciate it if you buy one once the sales start.

I jumped on the fantasy football bandwagon, not only because it's super fun, but because it's the perfect opportunity to create Katie's team, The Los Angeles Smarty Pants. (Let's not get into how well I'm doing, shall we? Although, I accept any advice on wether I should start Ben Roethlisberger or Matt Schaub this weekend.)
But anyway, since the name of the team arose from the comic, here's a little something for you: An LA Smarty Pants wallpaper!


Semi-wish come semi-true

Not so long ago, I mentioned my semi-guilt and semi-enjoyment in fantasizing about a certain athlete being horribly disfigured in a career-ending injury. Well, it wasn't that exactly, but I watched said athlete (who shall go unnamed) fail spectacularly yesterday. Not exactly a career-ending injury, but something I can revel in with no guilt.
I'm pretty sure he will come back to torment me, but in the meantime, specially today, all is well with the world.
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Out of wanting to see how it would do, I decided to submit a couple of things to threadless, to see if it gets printed (and win $2000, always welcome.) You can see them here:

adopted - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


Butterflies and Skulls - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
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